12, Feb 2024


Funnel charts are widely used in business or sales contexts, where there is a need to track how a starting set of visitors or users drop out of a process or flow. This chart type shows how the starting whole breaks down into progressive parts.By visualizing the number of users that make it to each stage of the process, a business can understand where there are significant drop offs and can plan further strategy to retain more users.

Palzin Track offers a straightforward method to generate funnel charts based on the data you've accumulated. These charts provide real-time insights and serve as an effective tool for visualizing your data. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a funnel chart in Palzin Track:

This tutorial assumes that you've already created a project. If not, you can create one from here.

1. Access chart settings:

  • Navigate to your project.
  • Click on the Import icon positioned at the left of the project sidebar named as "Events & Charts".
  • Select the Create Channels button to initiate a new channel.

2. Choose the funnel chart type:

  • You'll now encounter a list of available chart types. Opt for the funnel chart type.

3. Specify the data for visualization:

  • Next, you'll be presented with a list of all the events collected within your project.
  • Create a flow by selecting the appropriate events by clicking on add steps, then click on "Save."

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