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Palzin Track simplifies the world of product analytics for you. Dive into our meticulously crafted reports, tailored for immediate insights.

User Retention

Users retention since they signed up.

Feature adoption

The adoption of your latest feature released

Active users

Users who get your unique product value

Feature audit

Find out which features are used, and in which proportion


Monthly customers who interact with your product daily

Time-based cohort

Analyze segment of users based on the dates they joined your product

Free to Paid

Conversion rate of Free users into Paid users

# of sign ups

The total number of sign ups.

Product Pulse

Receive alert when an important event is triggered.

Web Analytics

View session and event data at country, state, and city levels.


Combine data from multiple apps into a single app for unified analysis.

Crashes and Errors

Monitor application stability and resolve issues in real-time.


Track screen densities of user devices.


Create custom user trait properties

Online Users

Visualize real-time online users.


Monitor real-time revenue generation.


Gather insights to build user-friendly apps and websites.

User Profiles

Gain insights into individual user behavior.

Most Retained Users For Last 30 Days

The users who have continued to engage with a product or service over the past 30 days, indicating strong retention

Recent 5 Power Users

The five users who have recently demonstrated high activity and engagement levels within a product or service, often considered power users

Recent 5 Drifting Users

The five users who have shown decreasing activity or engagement levels recently, suggesting a decline in interest or usage

Activation Steps Overview

A summary or analysis of the various stages or actions users take to become activated users of a product or service

Features - Who Used It Once?

Identification of users who have interacted with a specific feature at least once

Features - Who Used It The Most?

Recognition of users who have extensively utilized a particular feature more than others

Features - DAU (Daily Active Users)

The number of users who engage with a specific feature on a daily basis

Features - WAU (Weekly Active Users)

The count of users who interact with a feature within a week

Features - MAU (Monthly Active Users)

The tally of users who utilize a feature within a month

Features - Overall Usage

An overview of the total usage metrics associated with a feature

Features - Overall Adoption

The level of acceptance and integration of a feature across the user base

Features - Latest Adoption Rate

The rate at which users are currently adopting a new feature

Features - Latest Adoption

The most recent users who have started using a feature

Features - Latest Usage

Users who have recently engaged with a feature

Features - How Many Users Are Returning To Use The Feature?

The count of users who repeatedly come back to utilize a specific feature

Features - How Many Users Adopted The Feature Over Time?

Tracking the number of users who have adopted a feature gradually

Features - Weekly Usage

Analyzing the frequency and extent of feature usage on a weekly basis

Features - Popularity And Frequency

Assessing how popular a feature is among users and how frequently it is used

7 Days Power Users Line Chart

A graphical representation showing the activity levels of power users over a seven-day period

30 Days Power Users Line Chart

A graphical depiction illustrating the engagement patterns of power users over a thirty-day timeframe

Acquisition Cohort Analysis

A method of analyzing and comparing groups of users who were acquired at the same time to understand their subsequent behaviors and characteristics

User Activation Breakdown Chart

A visual representation that breaks down the activation process of users, showcasing different steps or stages they go through to become active users

Wow Moment

An impactful or significant event or experience within a product or service that elicits a strong positive reaction from users

Hottest Users

Users who exhibit high levels of engagement or activity within a product or service, often considered as valuable customers

Struggling User

Individual users who face challenges or difficulties in using a product or service, potentially requiring additional support or assistance


Different avenues or methods through which users interact with a product or service, including platforms, devices, or sources

User's Computed Traits

Characteristics or attributes of users that are determined or calculated based on their behaviors, interactions, or data

Engaged Users

Users who demonstrate consistent and meaningful interaction with a product or service, indicating a strong level of interest and commitment

Drifting Users

Users who show decreasing engagement or activity levels over time, potentially indicating a decline in interest or usage

Event Count

The total number of actions, interactions, or events triggered by users within a product or service

Recent Users

Users who have recently engaged with a product or service within a specific timeframe, typically used for tracking and analysis purposes

Retention Graph (Aggregated)

A graphical representation presenting aggregated data on user retention rates over time, illustrating how many users continue to use the product or service

Page Views

The count of how many times a specific web page or document has been viewed

Tracking Unique Visitors

Monitoring and counting the number of distinct individuals who visit a website or use an application

Tracking Session Duration

Capturing and analyzing the length of time a user spends engaging with a website or application during a single session

Tracking Performance Metrics

Recording and assessing various key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a system or process

Views By Countries

Analyzing and categorizing website or application views based on the geographic location of the users


Identifying and tracking the sources that direct visitors to a website or platform

Acquisition Today/This Week/This Month

The number of new users or customers acquired by a company within the specified timeframes

New Users Trend Analysis

Examining patterns and changes in the influx of new users over time to identify trends or shifts

Latest 5 Users This Week

Displaying information or profiles of the most recent five users who engaged with a product or service during the current week

Retention Rate

The percentage of customers or users who continue to use a product or service over a specific period of time

Active User

A user who regularly engages with a product or service within a defined timeframe

Daily Active Users

The number of unique users who engage with a product or service within a 24-hour period

Monthly Active Users

The number of unique users who interact with a product or service within a month

Weekly Active Users

The number of unique users who use a product or service within a week

No of Sign-ups

The total count of new user registrations within a specific timeframe

Activation Rate

The percentage of users who complete a specific action or milestone after signing up

Power User

A user who frequently and extensively utilizes the features of a product

User Dashboard

An interface that provides users with personalized data, metrics, and insights


Specific interactions or actions performed by users within an application or platform


Valuable information or analysis derived from user data to inform decision-making

Features Exploration Line Chart

A visual representation showing user engagement with different product features over time.