12, Feb 2024


Understanding Active Users or User Engagement with Palzin Track

Who's using your product?

This guide explores how Palzin Track helps you measure user engagement through active users. Stay informed about your product's health and understand how users interact with it.

Key Metrics: DAU, WAU, MAU

  • DAU (Daily Active Users): The number of unique users performing actions each day. Reflects high engagement if users return frequently.
  • WAU (Weekly Active Users): Unique users taking actions within a week. Suitable if usage is expected weekly.
  • MAU (Monthly Active Users): Unique users interacting within a month. Useful for broader user base analysis.

Choosing the Right Metric:

Consider these factors:

  • Product vision: How do you see usage evolving? Weekly engagement? Choose WAU.
  • Current usage: Analyze how users interact now. Frequent daily use justifies DAU.
  • Competition: How do competitors fare? Daily usage for competitors suggests using DAU for competitive success.

DAU/MAU Ratio: Measuring Stickiness

This ratio reveals how dedicated your monthly users are. A higher ratio (e.g., 20%+) indicates a loyal user base driving growth.

Why Active Users Matter

  • Basic engagement measure: Tracks user interaction, a fundamental indicator of product health.
  • Benchmarking and monitoring: Compare against goals and competitor data to make informed decisions.

Using Palzin Track's Active Users Template:

  1. Connect Palzin Track with Segment.
  2. We automatically generate an Active Users report based on any event performed.
  3. Customize the definition of "active" based on your specific actions and audience.
  4. Share the report through Slack to keep your team informed.

Counting Active Users:

Triggering an "identify call" and an event (page or track) counts as active. "Identify" alone doesn't suffice.

Further Exploration:

  • Stickiness Benchmark:
  • Defining Active Users:
  • User Retention:
  • Power Users:
  • Active Companies:

By understanding active users with Palzin Track, you gain valuable insights into active users or user engagement and make data-driven decisions for product success.

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