12, Feb 2024


Active Users

Define actions that classify a user as "active," such as reading an article or sharing content. Palzin Track includes three engagement metrics: DAU, WAU, and MAU.

- DAU: Daily active users.
- WAU: Weekly active users.
- MAU: Monthly active users.

Why Active Users: These metrics, especially the DAU/MAU ratio, measure user engagement. A higher ratio indicates more dedicated users, contributing to sustained growth.

Stickiness Benchmark (DAU/MAU):

Average DAU/MAU Good DAU/MAU Great DAU/MAU
Consumer products (ex: Facebook) 30% 40% 50%
SaaS (ex: Stripe) 15% 20% 30%
Finance 11% 18% 25%
eCommerce 10% 15% 22%
Media 12% 18% 26%

Pro tips: a DAU/WAU of 60% suggests that there are people who use the product every day and others that use the product much less. This rule of 60% as a threshold for identifying the best active user metric for a product is generally helpful across all use cases.

Stickiness Benchmark (DAU/WAU):

Average DAU/WAU Good DAU/WAU Great DAU/WAU
Consumer products (ex: Facebook) 45% 60% 75%
SaaS 22% 30% 45%


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