12, Feb 2024


Projects serve as the foundation of Palzin Track, acting as containers for your logs, events, charts, and dashboards. You have the flexibility to create multiple projects tailored to your needs, whether it's for different applications, environments, or specific segments within your application. Here's how to create a project:

1. Initiate project creation:

  • Click on the "Select Project" positioned at the left of your screen.
  • Click on the "Create Project". Clicking on this button will prompt a popup containing a form to create a new project.

2. Specify project name:

Choose a name for your project, ensuring it is unique and serves as an identifier both within the dashboard and via the API. Keep in mind that project names must adhere to specific criteria, i.e only letters,numbers and space are allowed and there should be no special characters in project name. For example, "my-project" is an acceptable project name, while "my$project" is not.

3. Access your project:

Upon project creation, you can select your project from the left sidebar dropdown. For instance, if your project is named "my-project," you'll see an option with your project name "my-project." Clicking on this option will grant access to your project.

4. Add your initial log:

With your project created, it's time to incorporate your first log. Follow the instructions outlined in the Getting Started guide to seamlessly add your initial log entry.

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