19, Mar 2024


Understanding Cannibalization in Product Management


In the realm of product management, there exists a phenomenon known as cannibalization. This occurs when two products belonging to the same company fiercely vie for market dominance. As a product manager, it falls upon you to oversee a range of products, thereby necessitating a vigilant approach to curtailing and mitigating the impact of cannibalization.

Defining Cannibalization:

Cannibalization, within the context of product management, pertains to the internal competition that arises between two products emanating from the same organization. This phenomenon occurs when these products vie for the attention and preference of consumers, leading to a detrimental effect on sales and market share.

The Role of a Product Manager:

As a product manager, you harbor the responsibility of shepherding an entire line or suite of products. This entails intricately managing the various products under your purview to prevent or minimize cannibalization. By doing so, you safeguard the company's overall profitability and market position.

Minimizing Cannibalization:

To effectively address and minimize cannibalization, product managers employ a range of strategies. By implementing these strategies, they ensure that the company's products do not unknowingly compete with each other, thereby impacting sales and market share.

Market Segmentation:

One approach to combating cannibalization is through market segmentation. By dividing the consumer base into distinct groups and targeting each group with different products, managers can prevent products from directly competing. This targeted approach allows for greater sales potential and mitigates cannibalization.


Another strategy entails differentiating products based on unique features. By emphasizing these distinctive attributes, product managers create clear distinctions between products. Thus, consumers are more likely to choose the product that aligns best with their specific needs, reducing the likelihood of cannibalization.

Pricing Strategies:

Incorporating various pricing strategies is yet another way product managers combat cannibalization. By offering products at different prices while justifying the value proposition, managers steer customers towards the product that aligns with their budget and requirements. This approach minimizes internal competition and reduces cannibalization.


Cannibalization poses a significant challenge to product managers, potentially eroding market share and profitability for a company. However, by diligently employing market segmentation, differentiation, and strategic pricing, product managers can successfully mitigate the detrimental effects of cannibalization. Through these measures, they ensure sustained growth and maintain a leading position in the marketplace.

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