11, Aug 2023


Palzin Track R Use Cases

Monitor your CI/CD build status for your R application

In the realm of software development, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) stand as pivotal concepts, regularly employed to ensure the perpetual functionality of your R software. CI/CD constitutes a software development methodology in which developers consistently integrate code into a shared repository and subsequently deliver this code to end-users. This approach ensures that the software remains operational, granting users access to the latest version.

When implementing CI/CD for your R application, it becomes imperative to oversee the build status vigilantly to confirm the ongoing functionality of the latest application version. This proactive monitoring strategy ensures that you remain informed about the application's status and are ready to take immediate action, if necessary. For instance, if the build status registers as unsuccessful, you can swiftly address the issue and guarantee the perpetual operation of the most recent application version.

Enter Palzin Track, a potent real-time event tracking tool that serves as an ideal solution for monitoring your R application's build status. Integrating Palzin Track directly into your CI/CD pipeline, whether through platforms like Github Actions or within the R application itself, empowers you to monitor your application's build status in real time. Additionally, you have the option to establish rules for notifications, keeping you and your team promptly informed of any changes in the application's build status.

Furthermore, Palzin Track offers the ability to track the history of your CI/CD build status over time and create a timeline of events for each build. This feature allows you to consistently review your application's build history and take necessary actions when required. Connect Palzin Track to R

Setting up Palzin Track

  1. Sign up for a free Palzin Track account.
  2. Create your first project from the dashboard.
  3. Head to settings and copy your API token.

R code snippets

Use the following code snippet to track the build status of your application in real time. All you need to do is to replace the YOUR_API_TOKEN with your Palzin Track API token and update the project name to your project name.

Using R with httr


headers = c(  

 'Content-Type' = 'application/json',  

 'Authorization' = 'Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN'  


body = '{  

 "project": "my-project",  

 "channel": "ci-cd",  

 "event": "Successful Deploy",  

 "description": "Project was successfully deployed to production",  

 "icon": "🚢",  

 "notify": true  


res VERB("POST", url = "https://api.palzin.live/v1/log", body = body, add_headers(headers))  

cat(content(res, 'text'))

Using R with RCurl


headers = c(  

 "Content-Type" = "application/json",  

 "Authorization" = "Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN"  


params = "{  

 \"project\": \"my-project\",  

 \"channel\": \"ci-cd\",  

 \"event\": \"Successful Deploy\",  

 \"description\": \"Project was successfully deployed to production\",  

 \"icon\": \"🚢\",  

 \"notify\": true  


res postForm("https://api.palzin.live/v1/log", .opts=list(postfields = params, httpheader = headers, followlocation = TRUE), style = "httppost")  


R integration details

We believe that event tracking should be simple and accessible to every developer and team. Therefore, we have worked hard to create the next generation of event tracking tools. As a result, Palzin Track is flexible and easy to use, making it a great companion for your R applications.

In addition to tracking CI/CD build status, Palzin Track is a powerful solution that you can use to track any other significant events in your R application. Palzin Track provides powerful features such as cross-platform push notifications, event filtering, user and product journeys, charts, insights, and more.

Other use-cases for Palzin Track

  1. Monitor your CPU usage in your R application
  2. Monitor when database goes down in your R application
  3. Monitor high disk usage in your R application
  4. Monitor when a user changes their email address in your R application
  5. Monitor failed logins in your R application
  6. Monitor failed payments for your R application
  7. Monitor memory usage in your R application
  8. Monitor MySQL downtime in your R application
  9. Monitor when a new feature is used in your R application
  10. Monitor your Postgres downtime in your R application
  11. Monitor Redis downtime in your R application
  12. Monitor suspicious activity in your R application
  13. Monitor when a user exceeds the usage limit for your R service
  14. Monitor when a user is being rate limited in your R application
  15. Get a notification when your R code is done executing
  16. Send push notifications to your phone or desktop using R
  17. Track canceled subscriptions in your R application
  18. Track your R cron jobs
  19. Track when a file is uploaded to your R application
  20. Track when a form is submitted to your R application
  21. Track payment events via R
  22. Track user sign in events in R
  23. Monitor user signup events via R
  24. Track waitlist signup events via R

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