20, Jul 2023


Palzin Track R Use Cases

Track your R cron jobs

![Track your R cron jobs]

When setting up cron jobs in R, it is usually crucial to keep track of their execution and whether they have been executed successfully or not. Sometimes, a minor failure in a cronjob can cause your R application to stop working correctly. Palzin Track makes it easy to track your cron jobs and their execution status all in real-time, and it works seamlessly with your R code.

Connect Palzin Track to R

Setting up your account

Setting up Palzin Track with R is very simple!

  1. Create a free Palzin Track account.
  2. Create a new project on your dashboard.
  3. Copy your API token from the settings page.

R code snippets

Once your Palzin Track account is set up, you can use the following code snippets to track your cron jobs. Just replace the YOUR_API_TOKEN with your Palzin Track API token and update your project name.

Using R with httr


headers = c(  

 'Content-Type' = 'application/json',  

 'Authorization' = 'Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN'  


body = '{  

 "project": "my-project",  

 "channel": "cronjobs",  

 "event": "Cronjob Started",  

 "description": "job: email-notifications",  

 "icon": "⏰",  

 "notify": true  


res VERB("POST", url = "https://api.palzin.live/v1/log", body = body, add_headers(headers))  

cat(content(res, 'text'))

Using R with RCurl


headers = c(  

 "Content-Type" = "application/json",  

 "Authorization" = "Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN"  


params = "{  

 \"project\": \"my-project\",  

 \"channel\": \"cronjobs\",  

 \"event\": \"Cronjob Started\",  

 \"description\": \"job: email-notifications\",  

 \"icon\": \"⏰\",  

 \"notify\": true  


res postForm("https://api.palzin.live/v1/log", .opts=list(postfields = params, httpheader = headers, followlocation = TRUE), style = "httppost")  


R integration details

Palzin Track is an easy-to-use event tracking tool that allows you to track any event within your R application. One of the most common use cases for Palzin Track is tracking cron jobs as they are being executed. With Palzin Track, you can receive real-time push notifications on your desktop and mobile devices whenever a new cronjob is executed. In addition, you can create simple charts and filter through your data to help you better understand how your R application is performing.

Other use-cases for Palzin Track

  1. Monitor your CI/CD build status for your R application
  2. Monitor your CPU usage in your R application
  3. Monitor when database goes down in your R application
  4. Monitor high disk usage in your R application
  5. Monitor when a user changes their email address in your R application
  6. Monitor failed logins in your R application
  7. Monitor failed payments for your R application
  8. Monitor memory usage in your R application
  9. Monitor MySQL downtime in your R application
  10. Monitor when a new feature is used in your R application
  11. Monitor your Postgres downtime in your R application
  12. Monitor Redis downtime in your R application
  13. Monitor suspicious activity in your R application
  14. Monitor when a user exceeds the usage limit for your R service
  15. Monitor when a user is being rate limited in your R application
  16. Get a notification when your R code is done executing
  17. Send push notifications to your phone or desktop using R
  18. Track canceled subscriptions in your R application
  19. Track when a file is uploaded to your R application
  20. Track when a form is submitted to your R application
  21. Track payment events via R
  22. Track user sign in events in R
  23. Monitor user signup events via R
  24. Track waitlist signup events via R

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