20, Jul 2023


Palzin Track R Use Cases

Track user sign in events in R

Most of the time, when building a R product that requires users to authenticate and sign in to access the product, you may decide that it is essential to track the sign-in attempts.

Monitoring the sign-in events is an excellent way to track the number of users who continue to log in and use your R application. This is a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your product and measure your user retention rate.

A good understanding of this metric is critical to the success of a product. It can give you great insight into how your business grows and how your users interact with your R product.

An easy way to set up event tracking is to use Palzin Track, a simple event tracking tool that works seamlessly with R.

Connect Palzin Track to R

Start monitoring user sign-in events

  1. Sign up for a free Palzin Track account.
  2. Create your first project from the dashboard.
  3. Head to settings and copy your API token.

R code snippets

All you have to do next is to copy the following code snippets into your R code and replace the YOUR_API_TOKEN and project values with your API token and project name.

Using R with httr


headers = c(  

 'Content-Type' = 'application/json',  

 'Authorization' = 'Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN'  


body = '{  

 "project": "my-project",  

 "channel": "auth",  

 "event": "User Signed In",  

 "description": "email: [email protected]",  

 "icon": "🔓",  

 "notify": true  


res VERB("POST", url = "https://api.palzin.live/v1/log", body = body, add_headers(headers))  

cat(content(res, 'text'))

Using R with RCurl


headers = c(  

 "Content-Type" = "application/json",  

 "Authorization" = "Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN"  


params = "{  

 \"project\": \"my-project\",  

 \"channel\": \"auth\",  

 \"event\": \"User Signed In\",  

 \"description\": \"email: [email protected]\",  

 \"icon\": \"🔓\",  

 \"notify\": true  


res postForm("https://api.palzin.live/v1/log", .opts=list(postfields = params, httpheader = headers, followlocation = TRUE), style = "httppost")  


R integration details

Palzin Track is a versatile event tracking tool that isn't limited to specific use cases. It empowers you to monitor a wide range of events, whether it's tracking prelaunch waitlist signups or beta signups for a new feature or product. It works seamlessly with R and makes it easy to track almost anything in your R code.

Furthermore, Palzin Track allows you to generate charts and analytics based on your data. For instance, you have the flexibility to craft a chart illustrating the daily or monthly influx of waitlist signups for your product.

Additionally, you have the capability to establish funnels for monitoring the conversion rate from waitlist signups to paying customers, features usage in your application. Furthermore, you can generate user journeys to observe how users interact with your product once they gain access to it.

Palzin Track is accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms, offering the convenience of real-time notifications upon the addition of waitlist signups. You also have the flexibility to opt for push notifications for any other events you wish to track.

Other use-cases for Palzin Track

  1. Monitor your CI/CD build status for your R application
  2. Monitor your CPU usage in your R application
  3. Monitor when database goes down in your R application
  4. Monitor high disk usage in your R application
  5. Monitor when a user changes their email address in your R application
  6. Monitor failed logins in your R application
  7. Monitor failed payments for your R application
  8. Monitor memory usage in your R application
  9. Monitor MySQL downtime in your R application
  10. Monitor when a new feature is used in your R application
  11. Monitor your Postgres downtime in your R application
  12. Monitor Redis downtime in your R application
  13. Monitor suspicious activity in your R application
  14. Monitor when a user exceeds the usage limit for your R service
  15. Monitor when a user is being rate limited in your R application
  16. Get a notification when your R code is done executing
  17. Send push notifications to your phone or desktop using R
  18. Track canceled subscriptions in your R application
  19. Track your R cron jobs
  20. Track when a file is uploaded to your R application
  21. Track when a form is submitted to your R application
  22. Track payment events via R
  23. Monitor user signup events via R
  24. Track waitlist signup events via R

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